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    August 2016

    2 experts in the area of pensions/pension insurance for short-term missions in Tajikistan

Vacancies at GVG

Registration in our expert database

  • For our international projects we are looking for experts with the following specialisation:
  • Social Protection
  • Health care
  • Pensions
  • Labour Market, ESF
  • Social Dialogue
  • Social inclusion and social integration
  • Equal opportunities and anti-discrimination
  • Occupational health and safety; accident insurance
  • Coordination of social security system
We will include your CV in our database, which is used for project applications. It is understood that the data will be handled in a confidential manner and will be forwarded in a concrete case only after your approval.
  • Address, telephone, e-mail
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Professional experience
  • Project experience (country, contracting authority, duration – month, year; responsibilities – project management, senior expert etc; description of your tasks)
  • Interested in short-term and/or long-term assignments
Relevant CV templates can be found on this web page. For further information please contact the responsible team .

  • Template CV

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