Solutions through consensus

GVG is a non-profit association. Solidarity, subsidiarity and pluralism are the basic values of its work. GVG substantially contributes to the development of social security policies by providing expertise as well as a unique forum for consensus-oriented exchange.

In times of significant geopolitical, economic and social change, credible and sustainable social security systems are of particular importance, both from a national and international point of view.

The work with its pluralistic members is rooted in the understanding that a functioning social security system is essential, and on the basis that one should not strive at standardisation but maintain a culture of open discourse.

Building on this, GVG’s national and international work advocates differentiated and custom-tailored solutions for challenges the social security system is faced with. In this context pay-as-you-go statutory systems have their place just as much as capital-funded solutions in occupational or private schemes.

Thanks to its unique membership structure and consensus-oriented approach, GVG is particularly capable not only to address issues related to current challenges and reforms, but also to raise substantial, long-term and cross-cutting social security issues.